1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips

"Thinking Of Starting An Online
Business? Already Have One
But Need A Kick-Start?"

"Here's EXACTLY What You Need!"

1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips

Ebook available as .EXE For Windows, .PDF For MACS, and for Windows users without Internet Explorer Ver 4.0 or higher.

In this revealing book, you will discover ...
  • 100s of Practical and Usable ideas - and the simplest ways to implement them.

  • How to fine tune your site to maximize profit.

  • How to continue increasing your profit with successful, proven strategies.

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Newbie-Friendly Tips" now!

"Hype-Free and Fact-Filled"

If you have been a subscriber to "STAT News" for a while, you already appreciate my down to earth approach, and hatred of over-hyped claims of "instant success." So fancy unproved theories are totally ignored. My only interest is in what works, and why...

Both for me and for you!

I focus on how to realistically increase your profit with minimal effort and time. Get-rich promises and exaggerated claims are absent. I share only time-tested, proven methods that will work for you, as they have for so many others. And I also include ways to check every idea for yourself before you use it!

"Get The Latest Up-To-The Minute Info"

Every bit of information has been double checked for accuracy and freshness. You'll find no re-cycled "yesterday's news" here! The Internet is constantly changing at extraordinary speed. And yesterday's winning ideas quickly become today's also-rans. 

But with the best of current thinking at your fingertips, you can apply these methods with utmost confidence, assured you are on the winning track.

"The Info You Need -
Exactly When You Need It!"

After reading about an idea, we often feel we have it nailed. But implementing it can often be a frustrating - even bewildering process. We find we're missing fundamental bits and pieces. Yet sometimes these are the valuable keys vital to success. 

So I have carefully prepared a detailed Table of Contents, making it super-easy for you to find the exact information you need precisely when you need it. No scrolling through page after page to find and earmark the help you want! (This opens another window; just close it to return here.) 

So think of "1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips" as an invaluable reference, rather than a work to be laboriously read from beginning to end.

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That's right. The moment you purchase "1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips," you also receive a license to resell the work at whatever price you choose.

And you keep 100% of the selling price!

There are no complicated contracts. In fact no requirements at all. You are free to tuck the total amount of the sale into your pocket. You can even give the book away as a traffic builder. No strings. (Well, maybe one - I retain the copyright.)

"My Personal 100% No-Risk Guarantee"

My Personal 12 month no-questions-asked guarantee means all the risk is mine. Because all you have to do is ask, and I will reverse the charge to your credit card. What's more, you're free to keep the work with my compliments. And you may continue to use it in any way you please. Except that reseller rights will be withdrawn. (Note my guarantee applies only to purchases from me.)

"Expand Your Internet Business NOW!"

Grab your copy of "1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips" and see for yourself the impact it will make on your business - and your profits!

And if you've only been thinking of starting up, what better way to begin than with these practical and proven methods. You will soon be off to a great start, confident of success right out of the chute. 

And since I take all the risks you have absolutely nothing to lose. But an enormous potential for gain. 

Either way, I can promise you one thing ...

You're going to love it!

(The Author) Bob McElwain


The Web seems awash with get-rich-easy schemes. You may even have bought into one - only to discover you wasted time, effort, and bucks.

All such nonsense is absent from "1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips." It provides only proven ideas that work. Ideas you can use to improve your site, and your bottom line.

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