Version 6 - April 2002

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Updated June 2001


  1. Ad copy. How to write effective ad copy -- for your website and for other advertising.
  2. Affiliate programs. How to select one which is most appropriate and most profitable.
  3. Autoresponders. How to select an autoresponder system to answer emails quickly.
  4. Awards. How to apply for them. How to create an awards program of your own.
  5. Banners. How to design an effective one.
  6. Banner exchanges. How to choose the best banner exchange.
  7. Chat. How to set up a chat, and run it smoothly.
  8. Classified Ads. How to benefit from one small ad.
  9. Communities. How to create a community at your website.
  10. Discussion boards. How to select the software, and manage the message board.
  11. Email discussion lists of your own. How to create them and operate them.
  12. Fast-loading pages. How to increase the speed of downloading your web pages.
  13. Free stuff on our site. How to select free stuff, to entice people to visit your site.
  14. Guestbooks. How to select a guestbook.
  15. Links. How to create links to your site, and how to create reciprocal links.
  16. Maintenance of the website. How to manage the day-to-day care of your website.
  17. Newsgroups for publicity. How to publicize within the Usenet, with ads & signature files.
  18. Online services. How to benefit from membership in America Online, etc.
  19. Payment systems. How to set up a payment system with credit cards, checks, etc.
  20. Publicity. How to get free publicity on the internet.
  21. Repeat visits. How to encourage people to return to your website, for more purchases.
  22. Search engines. How to submit your site to search engines.  
  23. Signatures. How to write an effective signature file, to put at the bottom of your emails.  
  24. Traffic analysis. How to choose tracking software, to know who is visiting your site.
  25. Translation of web sites. How to translate the site, so that you can sell in other languages.
  26. Webrings. How to choose a webring which will bring people to your site.
  27. Website-hosting services. How to select a company to host your website.
  28. Business Tools. Software to help develop and market your online business.
  29. Business Opportunities. Opportunities to make money online & a few extras.
  30. Custom Copy. Get this e-book customized with YOUR information!


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