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Boardrsquo;s memo to the state (PDF) Read the. School Board Members · District Staff Trinity & Operations. Information Ambien from Anchorage School District, AK; CBJJuneau School District, AK; Scottsdale Unified School District, AZ. The program was initiated by the Anchorage

school board as part of establishing district-wide performance goals for students in 1998-1999.. Anchorage School District. Eagle River. Karleen. Karstens.. School Board. Dutch Harbor. Linda. Clement. Metlakatla Indian Community. Metlakatla.

Today the Anchorage School Board conducted its annual evaluation of Superintendent. The Anchorage School Board looks forward to Superintendent Comeaus.

A one-term member of the Anchorage School Board named Theresa Obermeyer had been bad-mouthing him for

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teacher, assistant principal,. Anchorage School Board protests statewide reading course for teachers. This week the Anchorage School Board officially opposed the proposed requirement.. The Anchorage Association for the Education of Young

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