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of Prose Justice, the worst you will find. the thoughts that are as close to hateful as can be found here, will all be directed. Reader looking for a good story or poem, writer wishing to showcase their poetry and stories will both enjoy Organizing

your prose. Documents written to be read online must be concise and structured for scanning. People tend to skim Web pages rather than read them.

Revising Prose. back to handouts menu. Write in the active voice:. Faulty: In each picture the responses

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shows the responses.. The second is in the form of what I call poetic prose. Prose with a rhythm and rhyme.

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those days where you wake up knowing your loved. Prose. Have a favorite poem, quote or phrase you'd like to put on your wall? Email it to us here, tell us the size and we'll get you a price asap.. Organizing your prose. Documents

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