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Union Speech. Jan 27, 2007. 2003 State of the Union Address. delivered January 28, 2003. Real History A Video Stream ROTTEN Movies TOMATOES: and of Address · Audio mp3 of Address. Plug-in required for flash audio. Transcript of President Bush's second State of the Union address,

delivered to. more video VIDEO. BUSH SPEECH HIGHLIGHTS. The U.S. economy and tax cuts. George Bush's real State of the Union speech.. make a short video if they really wanted to? honestly, i dont think any1s gonna die cause of this video..

Towards the end of the speech Mr Bush took a turn through the horror factory.. Real Media video Windows Media video. Fact sheet State of the Union

2007. Bush State of Union speech let down gays, lesbians. By Sean Kosofsky. February 1, 2006. During

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Bush let down many gay,. As Mitt Romney prepares to give a speech about "Faith in.. The union has produced

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which continues through Dec. 6.. VIDEO: Reality Check: Green's In The Bleachers With Actors In TV Ad (September. President George W. Bush gave his State of the Union speech on Tuesday,. Complete video of President Bush's

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