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poster from the Potato Museum. Potato bugs can stunt the plants growth. Are the leaves curling and browning? Miniature Could be empoasca Sharper Image Professional : fabae, the potato leafhopper. Learn more about this garden. Place the small sticks at a slight angle into the bottom of the potato to create legs.

Do this carefully so that your potato bug will stand up.. Roly-polies or pill bugs claim to fame is the ability to roll into a tight little ball. I throw in an apple core or slice of potato every week or so.. No. They secrete no toxins at

all. There are lots of Urban Legends about them, however - but some people will believe any stupid story someone else makes up. Isopod, Pillbug, Sow

Bug Rearing. Return to previous page. leaf litter (from where they were collected), pieces of potato,

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