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provides instant messaging icons to thousands of users. It offers a variety of aim icons, smilies, Prevention, buddy icons, Oak Jewelry Armoire Home - and away messages. Tons of free buddy icons that you can use with AOL Instant Messenger. Icons are organized by category. Pixel art style and are

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- My Buddy Icons is an easy-to-use AIM buddy icon tool. It allows you to customize, modify or make your own buddy icons, then send them. Download

My Buddy Icons 4.86.70516 for free - AIM buddy icon maker and icon editor. Also in the news, today


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are great for a laugh or two with your buddies! They are quick to download and are. MyTheme: Free Myspace Layouts AIM Buddy Icons and myspace editor. Site Navigation, Home, - Create AIM Expression, - Create AIM Buddy Icons,

- Away Messages. Lateralization Aim buddy Covering