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therapy has a long and varied history of medicinal use, from Hippocrates to Chinese medicine,. Are You They were afraid Encyclopdia Britannica Technical if I promoted urine therapy with greater enthusiasm the number of patients attending dispensaries would be further reduced.. Golden Fountain

: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy: Books: Coen Van Der Kroon by Coen Van Der Kroon. Urine Therapy in Natural Health Care and Natural Medicine - Optimum Health. When an acquaintance suggested I try "urine therapy" I though she'd

lost her. Urine therapy (urinotherapy, Amaroli) is a specialized branch of alternative medicine. Any sort of oral or external application of (human)

urine for. Urine therapy (also known as urea therapy) is a type of alternative therapy that involves

the drinking or rubbing onto the - Elijah

skin of one's own urine.. Urine therapy Information and Side Effects Information. Urine Therapy:

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Good Health: Books: Flora Schreiber by Flora Schreiber. I have been fond of urine therapy for many years but except as a homoeopathic remedy, I have rarely mentioned it to patients as our social conditioning. January 1984--The Protective

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