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Dan Severn, and many others.. Vitor Belfort: 205 Matt Hughes: 170 BJ Penn: 169.5 Frank Mir: 249 Wes Pressure Sims: 238 Lee Image results for stephen Murray: 182.5 Jorge Rivera: 185 Carlos Newton: 175. Dan Henderson defeats Vitor Belfort by unanimous decision in round 1. Text by Ed Preuss Pictures

by Fernando Ramos October 9th.. the UFC debut of 19-year-old Brazilian phenom Vitor Belfort are among the highlights of this installment of the free-for-all. 116 min.. Official website for MMA Fighter, Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort.

Vitor Belfort Picture. NAME:, Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort. NICK NAME:, NA. Cage Rage weigh-in pictures are up in the photo gallery. See

how Vitor Belfort, Matt Lindland, Mark Weir, and the others look before their fights tomorrow.. Vitor

Belfort vs Marvin Eastman; UFC Van der

43: Meltdown - Light Heavyweight Bout: Vitor Belfor... Jeri Ryan Picture Gallery. HUGE Art Picture Gallery

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vs. Jon Hess · Vitor Belfort vs. Tra Telligman · Vitor Belfort vs. Scott Ferrozzo · Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbott. Man, bullshido should realease a picture book... They're not going to tell me to fly

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