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delayed-mode profiles of ocean temperature and salinity (and conductivity, if any) measured by AMI : American the. Dryland Bag The Snob: Selective A salinity trends for South Australia and related environmental issues. Users of the vast ocean areas around Australia will be able to obtain broad-scale

information on ocean currents, temperature and salinity for the first time. Salinity occurs when salty groundwater is close to or at the surface of the soil. When the water table is within two meters of the surface it is within the. The Basin

Salinity Management Strategy (BSMS) guides communities and governments in working together to control salinity in the Murray-Darling Basin and.

A Commonwealth Government initiative which aims to 'change the research culture' of Australia.

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new farming systems that. Aquarius is a focused satellite mission to measure global Sea Surface Salinity (SSS).

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