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ago - Report Abuse. Informacin de Sepltura. Sepltura. No tenemos informacin de Sepltura en nuestra base ArtIcons de datos. Biografa LATHAM MICRO CRYSTALLIZATION AUSTRALIA de Sepltura. Colabora con esta biografa. SEPULTURA to jeden z bardziej znanych zespow metalowych. Zaoy j Max Cavalera wraz ze swoim bratem - Igorem

w 1983 roku w Brazylii, a dokadniej w Belo.. Brujeria, Coal Chamber, Sadus, malevolent, white zombie, Gizmachi, slayer, Crowbar, sepltura, Kittie (they so hot), Sacred reich, Disincarnate, cancer,. The bands we like are of god,GWAR,the list

goes on. If you want to jam some hard shit and have The sound is something between Sepltura and well I dont know what..Good job. Reviewed by:

Torsion3 from Mesa, Arizona. Reviews, Cool Tune!.. Favourite movie: Fear and loathing in Las Vegas;

Favourite band or musician: Metallica, Swimsuit

Sepltura, Sunn O))), NIN and sutch. Favourite genre of music:.. riding better be poetic. if its really fast

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sick freestyle. basically music inbetween radiohead and sepltura is a perfect fit.. Sepltura - Procreation of the Wicked - ACDC hwy to hell samples - Brother Russell - when you get to Hell - Mr Show - Satanist PSA - Bob OdenkirkDavid.

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