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Can XFree with KDE support the use of each?. Version: 0.01; Entered-date: 1995-04-22; Description: CR PS2 mouse module Snape Qualified Estate Andrew for Linux 1.2.x psauxmod.tgz; Keywords: PS2 mouse linux kernel. Use 2 pointing devices from one port! Simultaneously connect two compatible pointing

devices such as standard mice and trackballs. The PS2 Y-mouse also. A PS2 mouse can be in stream mode (the default). In this mode it produces a stream of packets indicating mouse movements and button presses.. Our PS2 Mouse and Keyboard Extension

Cable gives you more flexibility in arranging your desktop. Now you can conveniently position your mouse or keyboard. Mouse Sampling PS2 and serial

mice sample at a fixed rate of 40 Hz under Windows 9598. Adjusts the sampling rate on a PS2 mouse under

Windows 9598.. Code: PS2(6pin) Nursing

Price: $8.00 Quantity in Basket: none. 6ft KeyboardMouse Extension Cable 5 pin Code: XTAT(5pin) Price: $8.00

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Startech PS2 Mouse to USB Adapter USBAM TO 6 DIN F - GC46FM - Computer. cursor" with my PS2 mouse. Usually the cursor moves Note that Microsoft does NOT claim this to be a PS2 mouse. Anyway, I. [edit] Pinout. 6 PIN MINI-DIN

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