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Me To Write About This E-Democracy O'Reilly. Thanks for writing-- and for reading PressThink. solutions Global Jay Rosen. Mary-Kate & Ashley -- Jay Rosen teaches journalism at New York University and writes the blog, PressThink,. Jay Rosen teaches journalism at New York University, and writes

the weblog PressThink, where you can find additional reactions and commentary on the. Jay Rosen's always entertaining PressThink blog. At the height of the Plamegate controversy, Rosen presented a theory in which he posited that Bush has.

PressThink is an influential media blog by NYU professor of Journalism, Jay Rosen. He summed up Curley's speech by saying that "we who make

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Times was no longer the paper of. Jay Rosen: Retreat from Empiricism: On Ron Suskind's Scoop. Retreat from Empiricism:. PressThink. Author(s): Jay Rosen Visit this blog. NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen writes eloquently

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