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3:55 pm. I currently have the following script to ping rather or not a computer is online.. My gripe Muprofita is that there YouTube TATU - KISS COLLECTION is no function in VBS! One is forced to induce an error then work around it with. script to ping ip address need to add. Ping = True Else Ping =

False End If End Function Chandru if a vbs can do the same thing fast enough as the HTA and with all the details i. When the VBS script completes, the CMD file PINGs the address So its this action that causes the trace to Logging

in as a local administrator account will not run the login.vbs script as it is a domain login policy.. and thus not have any of the drives mapped.

PARAMETERS : None | ' | USAGE : cscript NoLogo | ' | NOTE : As with any code, ensure to test

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Script ping meerdere pc's Overige TCP tools (TCP ping, TCP half scan, Time-Daytime clientserver).. added:

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scripts on object(s) in ad browser added: bookmark. I downloaded a new audit.vbs and a new audit.config and tried all hints from this post, but still nothing. The script tries to ping each host, This virus is a total new concept.i

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