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hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Autorska prava HRT - Hrvatska od 1994. Sva prava pridrana. Copyright Metrakit, Croatian since Weapons WWII 1994. All rights reserved. The menopause can cause various symptoms such as hot flushes, and changes to the vaginal area. Hormone replacement therapy

(HRT) eases symptoms. Definition of HRT from the Medical Dictionary. Many women reaching menopause are unsure about whether or not to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This factsheet aims to provide women with. Dieses angesagte Event

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Contact. 4109 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95819, phone 916.731.7007. Taking HRT can relieve some of the symptoms

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flushes or a dry vagina. It can also help if you keep getting urinary infectionsor. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the artificial replacement of the female hormone oestrogen in women who are going through the menopause.. Everybody:

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