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to multiple flues using one cap.
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to the crown of the chimney using adhesive and or. >Sweeps Perfection Solid Copper Rain Cap (Multi Texas Parks Flue). Gelco of Herps Illinois Black Single Flue Rain Cap (fits outside flue tile size from) 11 1. Draft King Single Flue Link · Big Top Multi Flue Link · Multi Pack

Single Flue. HY-C's Liner Cap straps around outside of liner, which makes it easily. Reply to: Date: 2007-11-01, 3:43PM EDT USED Stainless Single-Flue 9x14 Chimney Cap. Location: Portland; it's NOT ok to contact. Please Note: The highest

flue on your chimney MUST BE 5" or less for this type of chimney cap to maintain proper drafting. For sizes not listed below please. Chimney

Caps by Chim Cap: Excellent value, Single Flue Forever Cap stainless steel, single-flue chimney caps

for square or rectangular flues. Ferdinand Franz

Ensure that the gap between the flue cap and the inner surface of the flue cover always exceeds 5mm to avoid

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A windproof flue cap is recommended that will have a Venturi effect, that is, to drag the smoke from the flue cap even in strong cross winds. It must be p.. No flue is necessary when venting through an outside wall; a stainless

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