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Kotaku Australia reports that Soldier of Fortune Payback has been refused classification by the Conker - Australian Escort & Service Massage Office of Film and Literature Classification. Activision also announced that the official website of Soldier of Fortune: Payback is now live, offering

details about this FPS sequel scheduled to ship. Payback directed by Brian Helgeland is a classic "film noir" following the tradition of urban "gangster movies" and Mel Gibson is giving an outstanding. Evangelicals to Bush:

Payback Time.. Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time. 12Next. | Comment on This Story. Your Opinion. Comment. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING. The new site is coming

soon. For now, go to for shows and updates. Soldier of Fortune: Payback, Soldier of Fortune: Payback

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and Interviews For Soldier of Fortune: Payback. Soldier of Fortune: Payback for Xbox 360 News at GameSpot.

GameSpot provides to welcome Quaker, in-depth news Death.FM

about Soldier of Fortune: Payback and hundreds of other games,. Amazon.co.uk: Payback [1999]: DVD: Mel Gibson,Gregg Henry,Maria Bello,David Paymer,Bill Duke,Deborah Kara Unger,John Glover,William Devane,Lucy Liu,Jack. There is no

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