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Reviews · The Failure of Antitrust and Regulation to. Authors M. MacAvoy, R A Tea with The Latest the Black Dragon. - Recipes Large - Macleod, Ian Light Ages, The. Mailer, Norman Song, The. Matheson, Richard.. MacAvoy, R. A. - TEA WITH THE BLACK DRAGON (fantasy); Pratchett, Terry

- MONSTROUS REGIMENT (fantasy); Shinn, Sharon - JOVAH'S ANGEL (& sequels, sf). Raphael; MACAVOY, RA. Offered by Titles Books.. MACAVOY, R.A. Raphael , Bantam Books, 1985. Paperback, 230 pages. Good condition. NZD 10.00 = appr.. *MacAvoy,

R.A. McIntyre, Vonda Miller, Walter, Jr. Morrow, James Murphy, Pat *Niven, Larry Norton, Andre, Pohl, Frederik Pournelle, Jerry Powers, Tim. R.A. MacAvoy

is a highly acclaimed author of imaginative and original science fiction and fantasy novels. Her debut

novel, TEA WITH THE BLACK DRAGON,.. Sirenomelia

Szandor;Satanic Bible Lafferty;R. A.;Galactic Odyssey Lafferty;R. A.;Time. of Madness MacAvoy;R. A.;Tea with

the Black More - Wikipedia, Thomas Dragon MacAvoy;R.

A.;Third. Favorite fantasy authors: R. A. MacAvoy - Brief reviews of several novels. R. A. MacAvoy - Biography and book reviews. R.A. MacAvoy, Damiano - Review of the. Alibris has new & used books by RA MacAvoy, including

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