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Photographers, Musicians, Friends and Whatever. All of his products are discounted, high-quality cheap wedding New York favors. You Jaycar Electronics can find these wonderful magnet wedding favors online for affordable prices.. Friends gave us a photo frame magnet at their wedding years ago, and

it made a wonderful fridge reminder of their special day!. Whether you are looking for save the date magnets, calendar magnets, wedding magnets or business card magnets we will provide you with a personalized magnet. Personalised wedding

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Save The Date Wedding Magnets! Great Price! - $125. Reply to: Date: 2007-12-07, 9:39AM EST. Buy this

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from Customize this unique magnet just the way you want it. Perfect for your vineyard or wine-themed

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wedding or just a classic ceremony. These are stylish, top quality magnets that will. Buy this Save the Date Wedding Magnet from Customize this unique magnet just the way you want it. Save The Date Wedding Magnets

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