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Ezine Success
by Steven Schwartzman

Learn how to make insane profits by advertising in ezines. 

Steven takes you by the hand and shows you how to
advertise and use ezines to your advantage. This book comes with its own web templates. You set it up and keep all the money .

Full Resell Rights +Ready to Take Order Web Site


Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter
by Raymond McNally 

This amazing software will format your eZine Ads in seconds.

Instantly format your ads to fit any publisher's format.
It makes your advertising easy. Comes with your own
sales template to set up so you can profit and keep
100% of your sales.

Full Resell Rights +Ready to Take Order Web Site


Pay-Per-Click Commando
by Erik A. Olsen

Excellent book that belongs to Everyone's collection of ebooks that really explains things that you need to know  about getting traffic to your site!

(more info)
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Full Resell Rights + Ready to Take Order Web Site


Millionaire Marketing
by Alan Fukuda

Deadly Marketing Mistakes Exposed!

A discussion between Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn and  Jonathan Mizel

(more info)
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Full Resell Rights + Ready to Take Order Web Site


UK-Traders UK Wholesale guide
by Richard Grady

The best selling guide to UK wholesalers. 

First published in 2001 and regularly updated.
Very popular guide, especially with online auction sellers.

Resale rights have never before been offered on this eBook...until now!  

Full Resell Rights 


How to be a Mystery Shopper
by Linda Wallis

Amazing New eBook reveals how you
can receive
FREE products and services!

  • Movie Tickets
  • Air Line Trips
  • Theme Park Tickets
  • Cruise Line Trips
  • Casino Money
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • And Much More!

Full Resell Rights 

# 7



Living off the Net
by Matt Perdeck

In This Brand New eBook you will learn...

  • Where to find the best business opportunities 
    (free to join, no obligations or contracts).
  • How to select one that is right for you.
  • How to actually make money with your chosen business opportunity.
  • Save money, Make money, Live off the Internet, No experience needed, Affiliate programs, Search engine secrets

(more info)
Full Resell Rights
+ Ready to Take Order Web Site   

# 8


Million Dollar Emails
by Yanik Silver

The Greatest Collection of Moneymaking Emails Ever.

"Million Dollar Emails" is a new ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive emails ever written. It's jam-packed with real life emails that have been proven to work by the top Internet Pros and eCommerce leaders.

And, here's the best part, in many of the examples, you'll see the exact numbers and results from their campaigns. Response rates, sales figures, and other insider information all culled from their private records. This information has been totally confidential - until now. (more info)

Full Resell Rights + Ready to Take Order Web Site   

# 9


This eBook available as .EXE For Windows, .PDF For MACS, and for Windows users without Internet Explorer Ver 4.0 or higher.

1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips
by Bob McElwain

In this revealing book, you will discover ... 100s of Practical and Usable ideas - and the simplest ways to implement them. How to fine tune your site to maximize profit. How to continue increasing your profit with successful, proven strategies.

Every bit of information has been double checked for accuracy and freshness. You'll find no re-cycled "yesterday's news" here! The Internet is constantly changing at extraordinary speed. And yesterday's winning ideas quickly become today's also-rans. But with the best of current thinking at your fingertips, you can apply these methods with utmost confidence, assured you are on the winning track. (more info)

Full Resell Rights



Autoresponder Magic
by Yanik Silver

A New Resource That Can Help You Put Your Web Site's Sales On Autopilot.
A Massive Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages to Model, Copy and Swipe.
Autoresponder Magic is a new ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive autoresponder messages ever written. It's jam-packed with autoresponder messages that have been proven to work by the top Internet Professionals.
(more info)

Full Resell Rights + Ready to Take Order Web Site   

# 11


Available in PDF Format

Working with ClickBank (Version 2)
by Tom Hua

This eBook is written by one of the Top Sellers at ClickBank, Tom Hua. You will find foolproof step-by-step instructions on how to set up everything you need to work with ClickBank.

It is very helpful for anyone who wants to use ClickBank to accept credit payments on line. This can be you, your customers or your web site visitors.

Full Resell Rights   

# 12


We have created many beautiful eBook covers and software box graphics on this web site with this software. You can do it too.

Professional Cover Creation Tutorial
by Tom Dahne, a Software Genius from Australia

This brand new interactive learning software will help you every step of the way to create professional eBook covers. If you are serious about selling eBooks online this is the software for you!  Some websites are charging as much as $99 per eBook Cover they design. Why keep paying someone to create your eBook covers for you when you can design professional eBook graphics yourself in just a matter of minutes?! You don't have to be good at graphics to design your own eBook Covers. Designing professional eBook graphics is easier than you think. (more info)

Full Resell Rights

# 13

Exclusively available from and it's Resellers

The Internet Marketers Secret Guide  

Tired of reading eBooks full of resell links?

In this down to earth eBook, there is No Reseller Links. No paid endorsements but Only the Best Resources! Based on the years of research on the Internet, only the quality resources have been hand picked and included in this eBook. Now you can use exactly what the experts are currently using to market your business on line without wasting your valuable time to find them. 

Full Resell Rights

# 14


eBook Cover Templates  
by Quentin Brown & Tom Hua 

More than 120 eBook cover and Software box templates ready for you to add wording and graphics. Now you can create images for your information products in just minutes. Use the images for your self or sell them to the others, even just to sell the Templates. Whatever you choose to do. You keep every cent you make. 

Full Resell Rights

# 15


Free Targeted eZine Ad System
by David A. Eck

The Revolutionary new program that allows you to
place Hundreds of Free Targeted ezine Ads
. The system was created with the Internet entrepreneur in mind. The creator selected eZines targeted to people interested in new business ideas, opportunities, products and services. eZine advertising is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the Internet today! Imagine the response you could generate by placing hundreds of free eZine ads. Your sales can be staggering if you have a good product or service! With the The Free eZine Ad System you can finally afford the eZine advertising that you need!

Full Resell Rights

# 16


The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site
(A.K.A. My Web Site) by Quentin Brown

A Fully Interactive Training Workshop for any one who wants to build a web site. It is not just a book to read. We have used the great qualities of the Internet to allow you to partake in practical exercises. This means that you will be learning many of the skills and terminology necessary to get your site built and loaded ready for the world to view. We teach you the different aspects of the web page design, such as backgrounds, formats, graphics,  tables and much more. (more info)

Full Resell Rights 

# 17


Cash Flow e-Business
by Robbins Publishing Group

At last, a concise, accurate and very effective book
covering the marketing topics that will cost you little or nothing to successfully promote and market your business. In this e-book, you'll find covered the most
fundamental principals
of promoting any business,
product or service successfully on or off the Net.
 (more info)

Full Resell Rights

# 18

Simple 4 Step System To Create Your Own Internet Cash Machines!

Internet Cash Machines!
by Allen Says

Simple 4 Step System To Create Your Own Internet Cash Machines! Are you ready to learn a simple system that Master Marketer Allen Says of the Internet Marketing Warriors has used over the last 5 years to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services? (more info)

Full Resell Rights + Ready to Take Order Web Site   

# 19

Uncover the Power of eMail Marketing!

E-Mail Marketing Strategies Revealed!
by Bryan Kumar

  • How To Eliminate The Three Most Lethal And Costly Mistakes That Everybody Else is Making!
  • How To Use E-Mail Marketing So You Never Get in Trouble With Your ISP - No Matter What Type of Business You Have! 
  • How To Turn a Lot More of Your Web Site Visitors into Repeat Customers!
  • Start Seeing Profits From E-Mail Immediately!  
    (more info)

Full Resell Rights  

# 20

The Complete eBay Auction Marketing E-Course
eBay Auction Marketing E-Course
by Robbin Tungett

This straight forward low learning curve program is a self executing windows program. (.exe) Written and compiled by the staff of I.M.A.G.E.S. International Marketing And Global Entrepreneurial Services(more info)

Full Resell Rights + Ready to Take Order Web Site   

# 21

by Unlimited Publishing Group

InterNETACTIVE is a powerful program you can use to dramatically increase your Internet exposure.  It provides links to the Internet where you can advertise and promote your products and/or services for free. It also contains valuable information you can use to educate yourself on proper and effective online marketing. (more info)

Full Resell Rights

# 22

Is Net Success Yours?
by Virtual Notions (Updated May 2001)

This is a fast, no-frills guide to earning money on the internet. In a compact, "checklist" style, you will get the explanations and the "features to look for" in many internet-marketing issues: affiliate programs, banners and banner exchanges, website-hosting services, reciprocal links, publicity, traffic analysis, communities, and much else.  That "checklist" style gives hundreds of quick guidelines for successful marketing in newsgroups, email, and other venues. (more info)

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