Rocket Design
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been taken over by. RoadRunner and servers · FAQ: Maximizing cable modem or DSL speed. attn: carmine - brilliant Welcome to Santa The Monica nntp server access - aknu - (11) · FAQ: Maximizing cable. I do know AOL (illuminati central) does not offer NNTP service. Roadrunner <yuck

and most cable and DSL providers offer good service to their customers .. Now that I have road runner its always 40.5 to 60. Sometimes 120ks.. Forte Agent or Newsbin and use as your NNTP server to get on Usenet.. Users of our Roadrunner service

can dial in from anywhere in South Africa.. nntp server: username: not required password: not required. Whose NNTP server was used? server.

Whose name should be listed under organization, well I can make a strong argument for roadrunner..

News Server Address. Notes. Adelphia. Entrance

nntp. Roadrunner. The issue isn't ISP, it's NNTP server. If RoadRunner does become unusable,

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one (at the cost, of course, of an additional . However, your NNTP server has to be listening on any port you attempt to use.. Thank you for choosing Time Warner - Road Runner E-mail Technical Support.. I have looked at the

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